Securityangel.com is a leading information security private limited company, providing a full range of information security services, performing audits and delivering security systems, tools and solutions.


The high service levels in this methodology are provided by CISA, CISSP and CEH certified professionals. The methodology of securityangel.com has been developed on the basis of international methodology guidelines (ISACA COBIT 5, ITIL as well as on standards (ISO 27000, ISO 22301, ISO 15408 Common Criteria).

The methodology thus designed places high importance on ensuring that customers’ IT systems are compliant with customers’ expectations, with the criteria and legal requirements of bodies and authorities supervising customers, and on the way these systems deliver the three aspects of security: confidentiality, integrity and availability.



Our Leaders

People and technology, the two key pillars of security. The staff of securityangel.com include consultants, programmers and business professionals, all of them graduates of the best universities who specialized in information technology and security several years ago and continue to devote 25% of their time to learning in order to keep their knowledge up-to-date.

Péter Papp

Péter Papp


Ferenc Zsigri

Ferenc Zsigri

Deputy CEO

Zoltán Tesch

Zoltán Tesch



Since its fundation securityangel.com has been responsible (entirely or in part) for the information security of numerous major financial institutions, over 100 corporations and several public institutions.

  • Implementing and configuring perimeter security systems
  • Virus protection system
  • Delivering and implementing spam filter system
  • Security awareness training for system administrators
  • Supporting IDM implementation
  • IT Mapping (developing the registration system for IT infrastructure)
  • Testing IT disaster recovery plans
  • Drawing up policies for data administrators
  • Audit of policies
  • Drawing up the Information Technology Security Policy
  • Investigating the feasibility of a central management system of login rights
  • Policy for changes in IT applications and infrastructure policy
  • Drawing up IT disaster recovery plans
  • Classifying of IT assets and risk management services
  • Information security training
  • Web application penetration testing
  • Information security awareness training
  • Blackbox testing
  • IT security training for IT professionals
  • Security assessment of IT architecture
  • Supporting the operation of perimeter security
  • Perimeter security consulting
  • Information security consulting
  • Implementing strong authentication system
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Security awareness training
  • Reviewing information security management system
  • Implementing anti-virus system and policy
  • Webserver hardening
  • Review of information security policies
  • Developing data transmission interface modules
  • Improvement of perimeter security system
  • Electrical review of the datacenter
  • Security review of DMZ’s system and architectural plan
  • Feasibility study of PKI system, creation of corresponding policies
  • Quality assurance of portal development
  • Network security review
  • Security review of operational policies
  • Security consulting for software development
  • Internal and external penetration testing
  • Information security training
  • Information security consulting
  • Information security awareness training
  • Information security related quality assurance service for IT system selection
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Penetration testing of web application
  • Security related quality assurance service for software development
  • Implemeting Secude Trustmanager smartcard management system
  • Implementing PKI system
  • Developing ISMS based on ISO17799
  • Implemeting Secude Trustmanager smartcard management system
  • Information security related quality assurance service for system development
  • Information security consulting
  • Security redesign of IT infrastructure
  • Information security consulting
  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Designing IP range shift, quality assurance of its implementation, designing identity management system
  • IT disaster recovery planning
  • Feasibility study for disaster recovery concept
  • Methodology training of Disaster Recovery Plan
  • IT Policy Compliance Audit and consulting
  • Policy Compliance audit
  • Drawing up data protection policy
  • IT security review, drawing up policies
  • Information security training
  • Implementing virus protection systems
  • Implementing virus protection systems
  • Developing an Operational Handbook
  • Implementing virus protection systems
  • Extending and supporting ARIS based policy management system
  • Information security training for system administrators
  • Development of the firewall recovery plan
  • Technical security audit
  • System review based on ISO 17799
  • Security audit of wireless network
  • IT Security Audit of SAP system
  • Information security training
  • Information security training
  • Disaster recovery plan / interactive plan management system
  • Security testing of firewalls
  • Enhancing IDS/IPS system
  • Reviewing data protection policies
  • Implementing complex IT security control environment (ESM)
  • Implemeting an Intrusion Prevention System
  • Developing a data privacy policy
  • Information security consulting

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